Golden Builders Group always goes beyond design and construction of nice-looking homes and buildings. We believe that all buildings can be smart and sustainable. By smart and automated homes and buildings, we mean an automation and control levels in such way that it is intelligent in terms of safety, comfort and energy efficiency. We work with the following elements:

  1. Access control: which includes locks, fingerprints, eye and voice identification access
  2. Safety: including different kind of video cameras, fire and leakage prevention, electrical hazard prevention
  3. Lighting automation: lights dimming, lights on and off, automatic color and intensity adjustment
  4. Temperature (HVAC) control: increase and decrease of temperature, humidity, pressure
  5. Smart Audio and video: television, home theater and ambience control
  6. Energy control and monitoring: which includes automatic control for energy saving and optimization

In other to help you achieve this, we work with top building automation and control brands, including Schneider Electric, Honeywell and Control4.

From the project management perspective and in to increase the chances of success, we stick to the Project Management Institute and ISO guidelines for project management, among others.